14mtr Scrap Conveyor

IMG_3768 14M Tray

How to remove scrap from the back of four mechanical presses and transport into waiting scrap Bin?

The engineers initial thoughts were to use four individual scrap bins or a 14 Mtr conveyor. This could have meant emptying the scrap bins at different times in the day (Very labour intensive) or using a conveyor which may be  initially costly, and costly for the spare belting.

The solution was for a Premitec Electro Mechanical Scrap Shaker, positioned to allow the scrap from each press to fall on the horizontal reciprocating scrap tray, which then, due to its vibratory action, transfers the scrap into waiting bins.

As a result the 14 metre length scrap tray is quiet, no belts to fail, no scrap to become jammed in mechanism or belts. This proves that a Scrap Shaker of any length can be used in any industry.

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