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    Premitec was founded in the UK in 2000 by Ian Pickles who still leads the company. Ian as an ex-toolmaker, production engineer and with knowledge of hydraulic presses here in the UK, felt there was a market for a bespoke business supplying hydraulic presses and heavy load handling equipment to industry with an ethos of ‘simple production solutions’ for pressing parts, handling scrap and heavy loads.

    Initially, Premitec promoted press tool handling equipment. Over time the weight capacities grew from manipulating 40 tonne tools to solving heavy load handling systems which today are in excess of 180 tons. Their equipment has always been simple, using straightforward engineering principles. Units have been supplied to the automotive, aerospace, white goods and wind turbine industries throughout the world.

  • In 2003 Premitec became the UK agent for Hydraulico presses in Denmark. Not only do Hydraulico design and manufacture hydraulic presses from 100 tons up to 5,000 tons, but they also enjoy great success with their service department, who upgrade and service all makes and capacities of hydraulic presses. Spare parts for all makes and sizes of presses can be purchased also. Their electronic shimming concept is a world leader.

    When in 2005, a Swedish company approached Premitec to supply their Electro Mechanical Scrap Shuttles or Multi Tray Scrap Shaker, Ian Pickles didn’t realise what a success they would be. From the first unit installed at Baxi Boilers, Preston in November 2005, the demand has increased year on year. They really are a reliable ‘robust’ unit.

Our Major Milestones

    • 2010

      5 meter long scrap shakers used on automotive moving bolsters presses.

    • 2011

      40 ton carrier for tower transportation. Wind Turbine Industry.

    • 2011

      Hydraulico win order for 5,000 ton forging press, tooling & robotics. Rail industry.2011 – Upgrade of 160 ton Lasco press in 8 days. Aerospace industry.

    • 2012

      JLR order large number of die lifters for their press beds.

    • 2012

      Hedin supply 50 plastic mould splitter to company in Russia.

    • 2013

      North East Automotive manufacture order new 30 ton die cart

    • 2015

      This was the 10th anniversary of the first Electro Mechanical Scrap Shaker to be installed here in the UK. Baxi Boilers in Preston were the company and in all that time they had no need for any spare parts. As one of the press setter stated ‘it has not missed a beat’.

Key Customers

  • baesystems

  • honda

  • indesit

  • jaguar

  • nissan

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