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  • Premitec Scrap Shakers (Shuffle or Friction Transporters)

    Premitec has been selling scrap Shakers (sometimes known as Friction Transporters) for over 10 years,. They have been sold largely to the stamping and metal pressings industry but along the way have been finding new applications for them. Their flexibility to allow any number of trays to be mounted to them and with a maximum […]

  • Scrap Shaker is 10 years old this November 2015

    Premitec is celebrating the 10th  anniversary of their  first scrap shaker unit to be installed in the UK. Baxi Boilers of Preston, took delivery of the first UK scrap shaker in November 2005.  With a scrap tray clamping beam of 2,500mm, stretching along the back of the press, the ‘setters’ have to replace only the […]

  • Hungary Scrap Shakers..!

    An Hungarian white goods manufacture has recently purchased a 2.5 meter long scrap shaker from ourselves. Having viewed the scrap shakers on YouTube, ‘Emika Elektromechanikai Zrt’ contacted Premitec UK Ltd by email and the order was placed. After only 3 weeks the unit was installed and running well. So we are now doing business in […]

  • Die Lifters with Rollers or Balls?

    Here at Premitec UK we can provide you with Pneumatic Die Lifters with either rollers or balls. Die Lifters with rollers transport the tool or die in a straight line along the length of the rollers. (The length of the T slot). Due to the large diameter and the one directional movement the amount of […]

  • Double Decker Scrap Shaker

    How to remove the pressed part and the scrap using one scrap shaker system. When using a progression tool, it is common to use a long conveyor to remove the scrap from the underside length of the tool and a short conveyor to remove the scrap where it emits from the press tool. Problems can […]