Case studies

  • Scrap Shakers at Baxi Boilers

    Scrap Shakers at Baxi Boilers of Preston.   They took delivery of the first UK scrap shaker in November 2005. With a scrap shaker tray clamping beam of 2,500mm, stretching along the back of the press, the ‘setters’ have to replace only the scrap trays for each tool. No spare parts have ever been required even though […]

  • Scrap Shaker proves efficient with Samuel Taylor

    When engineers at Samuel Taylor Ltd in Redditch were looking for a conveyor to transport the scrap from under a progression tool in one direction and the components in the opposite direction, they chose the Premitec scrap shaker. Scrap shakers are a vast improvement for the removal from under press tools has always been a problem.  […]

  • Die Lifters at Strix

    The engineers at Strix needed to be able to remove the die lifters quickly once the tool had been positioned in their Bruderer press. They needed the T slots for clamping purposes. Die Lifters and Rollers are not all the same..!  Some are spring loaded where they are in the up position always supporting the tool […]

  • The Mint – Die Splitter

    The Mint were looking to rotate their top tools in a clean, easy safe manner. The top tools were less than 300kg but a slip or faulty crane connection could be costly, both financially and personally. The turnover unit raises the top tool. The bottom tool is rolled out of the way and the top […]

  • 40 ton die carts for the Automotive Industry.

    Jaguar Land Rover at Halewood, Liverpool, were in need of 2 x die carts to load and unload up to 40 ton press tools.   Their existing carts needed to be replaced with quicker, reliable up to date equipment. Kalmar were asked to supply two die carts which not only transported 40 ton dies from the die […]

  • GKN – Tool turnover unit

    The tool turnover unit is mounted on an overhead crane, which means the unit can be used in many areas within the press shop. A dedicated turnover area is not required.   The turnover unit has a 5 ton top tool capacity. The top tool is clamped to the turnover unit and raised clear of […]

  • Scrap Shakers (5M wide) at Gestamp, Cannock. Multi Tray

    Scrap Shakers were the solution.  Gestamp had problems with scrap removal on the 5M wide moving bolster press.  Scrap was dropping into the base of the press and causing downtime. Many solutions were tried but only when they used the Multi tray scrap shakers from Premitec did there problems become resolved. The engineers mounted the […]