40 ton die carts for the Automotive Industry.

Jaguar Land Rover at Halewood, Liverpool, were in need of 2 x die carts to load and unload up to 40 ton press tools.   Their existing carts needed to be replaced with quicker, reliable up to date equipment. Kalmar were asked to supply two die carts which not only transported 40 ton dies from the die location to the presses, but also to load and unload them into the presses.


The Die Carts have the ability to raise their beds to allow them to load/unload the presses with varying heights of beds.

Hydraulic arms locate onto the location brackets mounted on the press tools and pulls and push the tools in and out of the press beds onto the Kalmar die Cart bed.  Once the tool is secured the die cart can then spin round on a very small axis and move towards the tool store.


Two 30 ton die carts have subsequently been supplied to the same customer.