Electro Mechanical Scrap shaker


  • The Challenge

    Clamason Industries Ltd produce precision metal components and assemblies for automotive, medical, building, and electrical/electronic applications.

    Waste scrap metal can be sharp, and as a result the scrap can get stuck in the belt, causing it to rip, and in the worst case burning conveyore motors due to jamming.

    Not only is there a cost for labour and parts but also the production downtime.

    The Solution

    We replaced the traditional scrap conveyors with the Premitec Electro Mechanical Scrap Shakers. These Scrap Shaker trays can fit in small places under press tools, trays can be joined together or extend the trays at very little cost and there are no belts to fail.

  • The Outcome

    These machines have been in operation for the last 9 years and the only component that has been replaced has been the on/off button. They have been very reliable and the extra cost is easily outweighed by reliability and robustness of the shakers.