Die lifters & Die Rollers – SMED

  • Pressure intensifier can double this lift capacity.

    With quick fittings, the die lifters can easily be removed from the T slots to be replaced with clamps or marquet pins if necessary.

    One pair of Die Lifters can be removed and used in several presses ( As long as they have the same T slot dimensions). They are so easy to transfer from one press to another. With their quick release pneumatic couplings, setters can replace and install on whichever press needs changing next.

    Many companies have replaced the traditional method of using hydraulic and spring loaded die lifters by using the Pneumatic Die Lifters and Die Rollers from Premitec.  Due to the large diameter bearings, the operator is able to push/pull 4,000kg tool.

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  • Inexpensive Pneumatic Die Lifters

    Half the price of Hydraulic Die Lifters.

    • 6 bar pneumatic supply
    • Quick coupling – fast connection (SMED)
    • Lift force of the T-28 die lifters is 1,700 kg/m at 6 bar.
    • Lift force of the T-22 die lifter is 1,300 kg/m at 6 bar.