Hydraulico Presses

  • Hydraulico manufacture a range of hydraulic presses from 100 to 5,000 tonnes made to suite the customers requirements.

    Hydraulico deliver complete automated production lines including robotic feed, stackers, destackers and coil feed equipments. Single Source Responsibility.

    Hydraulico are world leaders in Electronic Shimming . This is a technique developed for the control of the blank holder during deep draw operations.
    Benefits include:


      • Improved material flow


      • Higher quality of part


      • Deeper draws


      • Increased Productivity


      • Service and Repair

    Refurbish your press in ‘The Magic 3 Weeks’ Any hydraulic press refurbished to up to date standards.


      • Productivity increases up to 50-70%


      • Increase your up time


      • Reduce tool change


      • Increase safety standards


      • Reduce noise and power consumption.

    Trouble shooting and problem solving are often handled via the internet or communications by modem link directly to the press. If the problem is more serious, Hydraulico thrive on being with the customer within 24 hours no matter where!
    Annual Service Contracts – ‘Guard against costly breakdowns’

    Hydraulico have up graded and serviced Hare presses, AP&T Presses, Mills, Hounsell, Tranemo, HF, Lagan, Talent, Neff, Hydrasan, SMG, Dieffenbacher, Mueller, Schuler, Beyeler, Schoen, Rhodes, Lauffer, Clearing, Hydraulico, John Shaw, Santec, Smetek, Galfer presses & Chester Hydraulic.

    Hydraulico also delivers custom-built presses in virtually all sizes and configurations!

    The press programme ranges from 100 to 5000 tons – from simple stamping presses to complex triple-acting press systems. The majority of our presses are tailor-made to customer specifications.

    Single Acting Presses :- Reliable and cost-effective presses for stamping, blanking, punching, bending and simple forming operations.

    Double Acting Presses:- All-round presses designed for deep draw operations, stamping, blanking, punching and bending.

    Triple Acting Presses:- Advanced all-round presses specially designed for complicated and demanding deep draw operations.

    Hydraulico design and manufacture extremely efficient automated production lines, tailored to meet your production demands and quality specifications.

  • Related Testimonial

    Hydraulico have become a key supplier to us during the past 10 years or so, they offer a comprehensive range of Hydraulic Press orientated solutions and service. Their experience has proven to be invaluable in fulfilling our requirements. Our plant needs to operate 24hrs a day, 5 days a week, therefore the service package is tailored to our needs, thus ensuring efficient turnaround times, all backed up by experienced, knowledgeable staff. We have developed a strong and reliable business relationship and look forward to working with them for many years to come.

    JASON ALLAWAYRangemaster
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